7 (1) 2008

Članci / Articles
Boris Hennig, Substance, Reality, and Distinctness
Mladen Domazet, Cartesian Primary Qualities in Light of Some Contemporary Physical Explanations
Luca Malatesti, Mary’s Scientific Knowledge
Jonathan Riley, What are Millian Qualitative Superiorities?

In memoriam
Pavel Gregorić, Michael Frede (1940–2007)
Bojan Marotti, Ivan Supek (1915–2007)

Recenzije / Book Reviews
Filip Grgić, Bryan Frances, Scepticism Comes Alive 
Luka Boršić, Stephen Gaukroger, The Emergence of a Scientific Culture: Science and the Shaping of Modernity, 1210–1685
Joško Žanić, Robert J. Stainton, Words and Thoughts: Subsentences, Ellipsis, and the Philosophy of Language

Sažetci na hrvatskom / Abstracts in Croatian
Zahvala recenzentima / Acknowledgment to Referes