5 (2) 2006

Članci / Articles
Piergiorgio Donatelli, Mill’s Perfectionism
Christoph Schmidt-Petri, On an Interpretation of Mill’s Qualitative Utilitarianism
Mariana Szapuová, Mill’s Liberal Feminism: Its Legacy and Current Criticism
Jovan Babić, Self-Regarding / Other-Regarding Acts: Some Remarks
Esther Ramharter, Making Sense of Questions in Logic and Mathematics: Mill vs. Carnap
Mladen Domazet, Philosophy of Science in Action
Regine Kather, Continental Contributions to Philosophy of Science

Recenzije / Book Reviews
Josip Talanga, Henry R. West, An Introduction to Mill’s Utilitarian Ethics
Dario Pavić, Neven Sesardić, Making Sense of Heritability
Jasmina Čelica, David Pugmire, Sound Sentiments: Integrity in the Emotions
Tomislav Bracanović, Louis P. Pojman, Who Are We? Theories of Human Nature

Abstracts in Croatian / Sažetci na hrvatskom